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Hatha Yoga Mindfulness Meditation

Hatha Yoga Mindfulness Meditation.

If you have ever done hatha yoga before, then you are all too aware of just how beneficial it can be to your body and mind. The mental health benefits of hatha yoga are no secret. Increased peace of mind, acceptance of oneself, and overall serenity can be expected as long as you practice it mindfully. To give you a more profound definition of mindfulness and just how it can greatly heighten your entire hatha yoga experience, this article will cover some keybenefits of utilizing this sought after virtue, as well as how it’s done.

Okay, first thing’s first. Let’s go over some hatha yoga mindfulness meditation benefits. The beauty of not only hatha yoga, but of yoga in general is that it calms the body and helps one to “center” themselves in the present moment. This, in itself, is the epitome of mindfulness and is one of the main purposes of acquiring it. There are many different benefits to mindfulness via hatha yoga, enough for a book actually, but for the sake of this article I’ll go over the main ones.

Peace of mind

Who doesn’t desire to attain a sound sense of calmness and stillness in their lives? Most people live relatively fast paced lifestyles and often find themselves in overdrive or burnt out. This burn out is not limited to physical exhaustion alone, but includes mental exhaustion as well.

Utilizing hatha yoga to the greatest extent (i.e., participating fully in the moment) will help you to better clear your mind and will help you attain a better sense of inner calm. Our thoughts can sometimes be harmful to us due to their negative nature or unnecessary repetition. See, we as humans naturally desire to solve problems. However, there is a time and a place for everything. Often times it is best to just get the mind and body in a relaxed state so you can think more clearly after the fact.

Decreases in your overall amount of anxiety, worry, fear thoughts, and unnecessary repetition of anxious thoughts should be expected to lessen after consistently using hatha yoga mindfulness meditation movements. Of course, everyone’s individual experience and success will vary, but the concept of mindfulness itself encourages these occurrences.

How to exercise hatha yoga mindfulness

To use hatha yoga mindfulness you need to try to fully focus on the task at hand. This means that you will need to completely participate in the entire experience of your hatha yoga asanas. Focus on your breathing at certain points (the air entering your lungs and then the sensations of it as you exhale and it expires from your lungs). Also, focus on the way that your body feels during the different hatha yoga postures. Try to be aware of any sensations or pressure points (like your heels on the ground or your back on the yoga mat). Practice really does make perfect. So, don’t be discouraged if you find yourself unable to be mindful during certain times. You can expect for it to get easier the more you practice it.