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Hatha Yoga Poses to Attain Serenity

Hatha Yoga Poses to Attain Serenity.

There’s no question as to how effective hatha yoga poses are for the body and mind. It is becoming increasingly popular and can be seen in many yoga studios and gyms across the world. This should be no surprise when you look at all of the many hatha yoga benefits that are available to you. In this article, the discussion will be on the many different and effective hatha yoga poses that you can do to help you to attain serenity and peace of mind.

Check out these awesome hatha yoga poses!

The Tree Pose

Just as the name implies, you’ll be standing up straight as if you were posing as a tree. With your arms at your sides, slowly lift either your left or right leg behind the opposite leg’s thigh. Once you can attain a sound amount of balance, you will then clasp both of your hands together, putting them in a “prayer” position. As you inhale, raise your clasped hands upward over your head. As you exhale, lower them.

The Easy Pose

Of the many hatha yoga poses that exist, this one truly is the easiest pose and should be encouraged by beginners, or can be done as an individual beginning hatha yoga session pose. With this movement, sit on a yoga mat with your legs crossed (feet under each opposite knee). Once in this position, gently rest your hands on your legs or on your knees (palms down or up). The goal with this hatha yoga pose is to focus on lengthening your tailbone toward the floor. To make the experience a more mindful one, try to be aware of and focus on each breath that passes.

The Bridge Pose

This hatha yoga pose has your body resembling a bridge. Thus, the name. To start, lay flat on your back on a yoga mat. Scoot your feet as close as you can toward your glutes. With your arms at your sides, gently raise your hips upward (in a bridge position). Exhale, as you go through the top portion of this hatha yoga pose. And as you lower your hips toward the ground, inhale.

The Mountain Pose

This movement can be seen as the beginning┬áposition of many different hatha yoga poses out there. To begin, start by standing upright with your arms resting at your sides. Take a deep inhalation and raise both of your arms over your head, clasping them together in a “prayer” position. Once in this position, hold this pose for about 45 seconds or so all while breathing normally.

These are just a small handful of the many diverse hatha yoga poses that exist. If you haven’t checked out any of the videos in this article yet, go ahead and do so to get even more information on how to perform numerous hatha yoga poses. You can not only expect to feel better physically once you go through some of these movements, but mentally as well. Hatha yoga poses are a sure way to help you and anyone else to attain serenity and peace of mind.